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NAVY CPO Service Dress Blue (SBD) Uniform for sale I need a set of CPO or Officer Service Dress ... more
 Posted by: jtglcs Posted On: 4/23/2014
 Complete Army Service Uniform - Male Office (Marlow White)
For sale: complete Marlow White male officer uniform in very good condition, including jacket, trous ... more
 Posted by: jubbekdue Posted On: 4/23/2014
 Army ACUs & BDUs
Army ACUs & BDUs I have three boxes of Army ACUs & BDUs I would like to sell.No room fo ... more
 Posted by: punkin Posted On: 4/23/2014
 Wanted! Wanted! Woodland Bdu's and Utilities
Needed Immediately- up to 30,000 pieces BDU/Utilities!!! I am looking for a supplier that can provid ... more
 Posted by: ArmyNavyDude Posted On: 4/23/2014

Editor's Pick
NAVY CPO Service Dress Blue (SBD) Uniform for sale I need a set of CPO or Officer Service Dress ... more (969) views
USN Service Dress White Trousers I am a separated YN2 living in New Jersey. I am participating ... more (316) views
   Complete Army Service Uniform - Male Off ...
For sale: complete Marlow White male officer uniform in very good condition, including jacket, trous ... more (1225) views
   Army ACUs & BDUs
Army ACUs & BDUs I have three boxes of Army ACUs & BDUs I would like to sell.No room fo ... more (2743) views
  ASU needed- jr enlisted (no stripe on pants)
ARMY ASU Dress Uniform - WANTED Been out of the army for 25 years but need an ARMY ASU dress un ... more (110) views
  Wanted USMC Dress Blues Blouse 46R
Wanted: USMC Dress Blues Blouse - 46R or 48R. more (165) views
   Wanted! Wanted! Woodland Bdu's and Utilities
Needed Immediately- up to 30,000 pieces BDU/Utilities!!! I am looking for a supplier that can provid ... more (934) views
   Wanted: USMC Dress Blues and Cover for d ...
Looking for USMC Dress Blues for my grandfather to be buried in. He no longer has his since he left ... more (618) views
   USMC Campaign Cover - Wanted
USMC Campaign Cover - WantedWas a RSO when I went back to PI for the second time as a CWO. The Cover ... more (43) views
   Marine Corps Jungle Desert Boots $45 11.5R
Brand new Marine Corps Jungle style Desert Combat Boots, size 11.5 R. Still in box, brand new $45.&n ... more (10031) views
   WANTED: USAF Female Mess Dress Uniform ...
USAF Female Mess Dress Uniform - Wanted Female must be at least 5'4" and would like the uniform ... more (1863) views
  USMC Officer Dress Blues Jacket 42 short
Marine Corps Officer Dress Blue Blouse For Sale: 42 Short Officer USMC Dress Blues Jacket. Made of g ... more (450) views
  Army Officer ASU Jackets for sale
One Army officer ASU jacket, size 40 Short, and one size 41 Short for $50 each. more (288) views
  NEEDED! Women's USMC Dress Blues 16 or 1 ...
Women's USMC Dress Blues Skirt/Trousers - WantedI am in a desperate need for Women's Dress Blue trou ... more (47) views
   Army ACU's (10 Sets)
Army ACU's (10 Sets) Looking to get rid of 10 sets of Army ACU's, Shirts and Pants both Medium- ... more (5217) views
   Large ALICE Field Pack
Large ALICE Field Pack LC-1 Green  Large, durable and practical, with many compartments for ea ... more (292) views
  Army ACUs for sale
Army ACUs 7 ACU tops, medium-regular (plus one medium-short), used but in good condition for $10 eac ... more (253) views
  WANTED: Army Dress Blue Rank Insignia- ...
Wanted: Army Dress Blue Rank Insignia- LTC Ordnance, new or used. more (1597) views
   Brand New with Tags Female Army Dress Bl ...
Brand new with tags Female Army Dress Blue Uniform - NON ALTERED Pants : Size 10 MT Skirt ... more (1059) views
  Female Army Officer ASU Wanted
Female Army Service Uniform (ASU) Wanted.  This will be my first ASU. I am looking for the skir ... more (130) views
  ACUs and other items for sale
I have a ton of items to sale: 4 ACU Tops- small/regular 8 ACU bottoms-small/regular 3 size small ta ... more (219) views
  Wanted Army Medical Dress Mess
Would like to purchase a used Army Medical Dress Mess Unfiorm Jacket size 43-44 Regular. drrvazquez@ ... more (265) views
  Help - Female USMC Charlies needed for Y ...
Female USMC Service Charlie Uniforms Wanted  We are the Capt. Reginald Underwood Young Mar ... more (2593) views
   Navy Chief Chip Collectable - COMBATBET
MUE Exclusive - This 10 gram ceramic chip collectable has NAVY CHIEF    NAVY PRIDE on ... more (3799) views
  Women's V Neck Black Army Sweater
Army Black V-Neck Sweater (Woolly Pully) - $20.00 100% pure new wool, long sleeved sweater with ... more (2984) views
   Master Chief Dress White Choker Uniform ...
Master Chief Dress White Choker Uniform - WantedI retired numerous years ago and I am about to get m ... more (471) views
  WTB Quality Army NCO Sword
Army NCO Sword - Wanted Needing a sword for my wedding.  10% discount coupon "USA2010" for ... more (392) views
  Male Army ASU Jacket
 Army Service Uniform for sale  ASU jacket, brand new, never worn, never tailored. 38 ... more (1937) views
   USMC Danner Rats Hot Weather Size 12
 USMC RAT BOOTS for sale  Hey, brand new USMC certified Danner Rats Hot Weather size ... more (755) views
  Army ASU Coat for sale (50R)
Army Enlisted ASU Coat for saleMale Enlisted Professional Army Service Uniform (ASU) Coat,size 50R.& ... more (1122) views
   WANTED: USMC Mameluke Sword
Looking for USMC Officer's Mameluke Sword. I need one (preferably) 28''-30'' Thank you. Semper Fi To ... more (32) views
   Army ASU Trousers 40L for sale
Army ASU TrousersMale NCO/Officer Professional Army Service Uniform (ASU) Trousers - Size 40L (Hemme ... more (812) views
   Wanted: USMC Kingform Cloth and Vinyl co ...
Looking for USMC Officer's Kingform Cloth and Vinyl covers. Looking to spend a fair price and want a ... more (28) views
  ''New ABUs Cheap!''
New ABUs and Gently Used Blues Items: Duffle Bag - FREE with ABU Parka Purchase ABU Pants - 34S - $2 ... more (605) views
  Enlisted mans P Coat from 1975
Issued in 1975, barely worn. No moth holes, all buttons are still there. If interested, send offer t ... more (319) views
   Pelican Large Rolling Case (1620-021-110)
Pelican 1620-021-110 Large Rolling Hardware and Accessory Case without Foam Waterproof, crush-proof ... more (352) views
   Women's Marine Officer Dress Blues Femal ...
This listing is for the complete officer female dress blue ensemble -- blue jacket and skirt, white ... more (3106) views
  USN Female Officer Service Dress White J ...
USN Female Officer Service Dress White Uniform for Sale.  Service Dress White Jacket, Pants, an ... more (164) views
   USAF Female Mess Dress Uniform - plus more
<DIV><STRONG><SPAN style=''FONT-SIZE: 14pt''>U.S. Air Force Female Mess Dress Unif ... more (1470) views
  USN Female Officer Summer White 2 Blouse ...
<DIV><SPAN style=''FONT-SIZE: 18pt''>USN Female Officer Summer Uniform for sale</SPAN ... more (101) views
  14 yr boy-27 waist. 35 chest, 29 inseam ...
Sea Cadet Clothing - Wanted I am in need of Sea Cadet clothing ASAP. My boot camp is on June 24 ... more (847) views
   Complete NCO / Enlisted ASU Set - Worn T ...
Practically brand new NCO / Enlisted United States Army Service Uniform- Pants are 37" x 33"- Long S ... more (919) views
   US Army Officer's Blue ASU Needed Immedi ...
Army Officer ASU Wanted ASAPLooking for 48 R/L or a 50 R/L Army Officer's ASU Jacket - Any Branch co ... more (180) views
   USMC Dress Blues for sale (multiple items)
For sale are the following:1) Marine Corps Dress Blues UniformBlouse- 38R w/ annodized buttons. Corp ... more (1332) views
   USMC All Weather Coat
USMC All Weather Coat.  Size 38 Regular. Good Condition. more (527) views
  Army Enlisted Men's Dress Blue Uniform - ...
Army Enlisted Men's Dress Blue Uniform - Wanted I am looking for the new army dress blue u ... more (913) views
  Navy Female Service Uniform items
Navy female Service Uniform items: NSU Cap  $4NSU Shirt   size 20WR   ... more (1017) views
  Wanted Army Chemical Dress Mess
Army Chemical Dress Mess Uniform - Wanted Need a Army chemo dress mess jacket size 48 regular f ... more (442) views
  Army Class A uniforms needed for HS Student
Army Class A uniforms needed for HS Student My son is starting at Forestville Military Academy ... more (842) views
   Womens Army Dress Blue Uninform
I need this uninform to attend my husbands funeral at Arlington in May.My current uninform does not ... more (177) views
  Sell Army Uniforms Online
Sell your used Army Uniforms online with the Military Uniform Exchange. Sell your quality second han ... more (7235) views
   Marlow White Premium Army Service Unifor ...
Marlow White Complete Army Service Uniform.All Pieces in the Premium BlendUniform 7 1/8 Cover Includ ... more (300) views
  Female Army Dress Blues Jacket and Pants
Army Female Officer Dress Blues Uniform for sale Never worn Female Army Dress Blues Jacket and ... more (1523) views
   Maternity ABU's officer or enlisted need ...
Air Force maternity ABU uniform needed ASAP! Looking for 10R top and Bottom if anyone has them! Coul ... more (163) views
  USMC Dress blue coats and pants, wooly pulley
USMC Dress blue coat - size 38L, no rank insignia, never worn. 80$ (includes shipping).Marine Dress ... more (331) views
   Sell Marine Corps Uniforms Online
Sell US Marine Corps Uniforms and used Marine Corps Uniforms online with the Military Uniform Exchan ... more (17482) views
  Sell Military Uniforms online
Sell your used Military Uniforms online with the Military Uniform Exchange. Sell your quality second ... more (21656) views
  Seeking USAF Mess Dress Jacket
Air Force Men's Mess Dress Jacket - Wanted Seeking USAF Men's Mess Dress Enlisted Uniform Jacke ... more (977) views
   Looking for Male US Navy Dinner Dress Uniform
Male US Navy Dinner Dress Blues - WantedLooking for set of USN Dinner Dress Blues and White Jacket i ... more (537) views
  Army ASU Quarter Master Ceremonial Belt
Army Quarter Master Ceremonial Belt for saleThis is a Marlow White Premium 22kt gold plated ASU Cere ... more (169) views
   SOC Gear Three Day Pass - 600 Denier Pol ...
SOC Gear Three Day Pass - 600 Denier Poly/CanvasSOC Gear-The SOC Three Day Pass is a technical mid-s ... more (844) views
  Wanted: Marine Officer Sam Browne 38 or 40
Wanted:Sam Browne Belt size 38 or 40Must be serviceable to new condition more (174) views
  Wanted: USAF 2nd LT rank and mess dress ...
I am currently at OTS and need USAF 2nd LT rank for all my uniforms as well as cuff links, studs, su ... more (415) views
   SOC Gear Three Day Pass - 600 Denier Pol ...
SOC Gear Three Day Pass - 600 Denier Poly/Canvas SOC Gear-The SOC Three Day Pass is a technical mid ... more (855) views
  Women's USN Officer Service Dress White ...
Women's US Navy Officer Service Dress White (SDW) Skirt by Flying CrossSize 14 Misses Petite (approx ... more (1309) views
  USMC Maternity Uniforms for sale
USMC Maternity Uniforms I have several brand new Marine Corps Maternity Service uniforms for sale. W ... more (600) views
   US Navy Dinner Dress Blues - Wanted
WANTED - Male US Navy Dinner Dress Blues Jacket: 44L Pant: 34 Can purchase accessories if available ... more (281) views
   Need female enlisted ASU jacket size 46- ...
Female Army Service Uniform (ASU) Jacket - WantedI only need a jacket but if you have pants too plea ... more (294) views
   Various USAF Officer Uniforms
Various USAF Officer Uniforms for saleLong-Sleeve Blues Shirt (Size: 16½ - 35) $8 | Blues Pants (Siz ... more (4061) views
  USAF Mens Mess Dress Jacket 44S PERFECT ...
Hello -- selling a like new USAF Mens Mess Dress Jacket, size 44S.This was worn twice for a total of ... more (172) views
  SOC Gear Bugout Bag - MultiCam - 1000 De ...
SOC Gear Bugout Bag - MultiCam - 1000 Denier Cordura - SOC Gear MultiCam Bugout Bag-The Bugout Bag ... more (2159) views
   SOC Gear Bugout Bag - 1000 Denier Cordur ...
SOC Gear Bugout Bag - 1000 Denier Cordura - Air Force SOC Gear-The Bugout Bag Air Force ABU pattern ... more (1319) views
   SOC Gear Long Range - 1,000 Denier - Coy ...
SOC Gear Long Range - 1,000 Denier - Coyote Brown, SOC Gear-The SOC Long Range 1000 Denier has enoug ... more (939) views
   Wanted: 48/50 L USMC Evening Dress Unifo ...
Retired Marine Corps Officer looking for a good serviceable condition size 48/50 Long USMC Even ... more (594) views
  ACU Uniforms
Army ACU Uniforms I am selling 3 sets of used Army ACU uniforms. The size of the ACU jacket is L/R a ... more (2131) views
   Women's USN Dinner Dress White Uniform - ...
Looking for a TALL women's Dinner Dress White, Dinner Dress full uniform.I am 6 foot tall and only n ... more (152) views
WWII USMC First Aid Pouch. In very excellent condition as you can see by the photos. Part of WW2 USM ... more (5934) views
  USN Dinner Dress Mess Jacket- Wanted
Seeking USN Dinner Dress Mess Jacket size 42R more (288) views
  In need of a ASU Class A Blue Jacket
Army Service Uniform Class A Blue Jacket In need of a Army Class A Blue Jacket, 48-50xl. Needed ... more (723) views
USAF Women's Mess Dress JacketLightly used women's USAF Mess Dress Uniform Jacket size 12R in great ... more (822) views
  U.S. Navy Christmas Stocking
The U.S. Navy Christmas Stocking is a beautiful addition to the Military Christmas Stocking Collecti ... more (1737) views
  USMC Officer Evening Dress Uniform
USMC Officer Evening Dress (field grade) uniform includes:- Evening Dress Trousers - 36 Regular- Eve ... more (357) views
  Pre- 1970's USN Dress Blues - WANTED
Desparately seeking a set of pre-1970's dress blues, tie, and cover.  I'm the Navy daughter of ... more (224) views
  Navy Female Dinner Dress Whites -Retirem ...
USN Dinner Dress White Jacket, skirt and pants Like New.Retiring and looking to get rid of stuff! more (97) views
   USAF Maternity Uniforms needed...any kind
USAF Maternity Uniforms - Wanteddesperate for any USAF maternity uniforms...ABUs or blues. ... more (366) views
  Army CLASS A Uniform (Jacket and Pants) ...
Army Class A Uniform  - Wanted I'm looking for CLASS A Pants for my son who is in ROTC nee ... more (1333) views
   NWU III (aor2) - Wanted
NWU III (aor2) - Wanted looking to replace my NWU III uniform that was stolen. need to replace ... more (1651) views
  USMC desert marpat uniforms-small regular
I have multiple sets of USMC desert marpat uniforms - blouses and trousers are all size small regula ... more (479) views
  NAVY NWU/ Dress White/Blue and Utilities ...
NEW SEA CADET UNIT - Needs your help!We are the USNSCC - Cherry Capital Guardians stationed @ USCG - ... more (3067) views
   US Navy Male Ensign Hard Shoulder Boards
US Navy Male Ensign Hard Shoulder Boards for sale Lightly used Military Medals and Uniform Item ... more (925) views
   Bates Men's High Gloss Oxford
Bates High Gloss Oxford Men's Dress Shoes Formal high gloss oxford dress shoe featuring a long weari ... more (497) views
  U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer Service Dr ...
Navy CPO Service Dress White Chokers BRAND NEW - STILL IN BOXES/BAGS/PACKAGING - WITH TAGS!! US ... more (1439) views
  USN Chief Petty Officer Combination Hat
Navy CPO Combination Hat for sale BRAND NEW - STILL IN BOXES/BAGS/PACKAGING - WITH TAGS!! US Na ... more (1189) views
   Pelican 1170 Carrying Case for Multi-Pur ...
Pelican 1170 Carrying Case for Multi-Purpose - Black Hand-held electronics protection solution Wate ... more (1180) views
  Navy Female Officer Dress Blue Jacket/Pa ...
Navy Female Officer Dress Blue Jacket/PantsFlying Cross USN Dress Blue Jacket size 16WR (55% Polyest ... more (94) views
  Wanted USMC Dress Blue Trousers size 36 ...
Marine Corps League looking for dress blues trousers size 36 & above for a uniform locker Also c ... more (214) views
   Save on Electronics at TigerDirect
more (530) views
  Looking for USMC SNCO Mess Dress Uniform
USMC Mess Dress Uniform - WantedRetired Gunnery Sergeant looking for a SNCO Mess Dress Uniform.Jacke ... more (163) views
   Looking for Mens USN Eisenhower Jacket in 44R
Mens USN Eisenhower - Wanted I'm an honorably discharged vet and I lost my Eisenhower jacket and hav ... more (964) views
   Army Dress Blue Uniform Wanted
Army Dress Blue Uniform Wanted  Need Army Dress Blues - 48 Coat, 38 Pants  Special Offers: ... more (720) views
  Women's USAF Mess Dress Jacket and Skirt ...
USAF Women's Mess Dress Uniform - Wanted Looking to buy an Air Force Mess Dress, if you ar ... more (329) views
   Women's USAF Mess Jacket 14, Skirt 16MR, ...
Women's USAF Mess Uniform for sale Excellent conditions but I only have the Jacket, Skirt and W ... more (502) views
  Wanted: NWU parka size xsmall xshort
USN NWU Parka Wanted I am looking for an NWU parka size xsmall xshort. Please let me know if yo ... more (99) views
  New USAF PT Jacket Size:Small Long
New Air Force PT Jacket for saleSize: Small Longin great condition    Custom Sear ... more (1098) views
   Free Shipping Coupon on All Orders at eB ...
Click the coupon below to get free shipping a eBags!   more (1479) views
  Navy Officer Dress White Uniform for sale
Navy Officer Dress White Uniform shoulder to shoulder 17.5'', armpit to armpit 20'', outer sleeve le ... more (498) views
   Wanted enlisted NCO ASU
Wanted enlisted NCO ASU Coat 46 to 49L, trousers 40 more (70) views
  USMC Boat Cloak Wanted
Looking for a Marine Corps Boat Cloak. If you have one that you would like to cell please contact me ... more (238) views
   USAF ABU Pants, shirts, Gore-Tex and MORE
4 USAF ABU shirts 42short with AF patch and MSgt stripes on....NEW 4 ABU pants 34short....NEW 2 ABU ... more (1100) views
  Wanted: NWU Parka/liner
NWU Parka/liner - Wanted I am looking for a men's U.S. Navy NWU parka and/or liner size medium ... more (983) views
   Navy female petite full sea bag for one price
U.S. Navy Female Uniforms for sale Females brand new full sea bag. i spent $980 for an uniform ... more (1175) views
  WANTED: USAF Female Officer's Mess Dres ...
Wanted: USAF Female OFFICER'S Mess Dress Uniform in size 10R or 12R or 14R.  Also looking for a ... more (96) views
  USAF officer's coats wanted for AFJROTC
Wand: USAF Officer's Jackets:  Our AFJROTC Unit is in need of Officer's coats (the type with ep ... more (2503) views
   USAF Maternity Uniforms
I have the following USAF items for sale (can be used for Enlisted or Officer).  All items come ... more (2054) views
  USAF Women's Mess Dress
USAF Female Mess Dress Uniform. Only worn once. Jacket is 16 Regular and Skirt is 14 Regular. Includ ... more (1960) views
   Female Army ASU - NO RANK
Female Army Service Uniform  This is a brand new, full set of female Army ASU's. All included s ... more (682) views
   Lots of USMC Dress Uniforms
Lots of uniforms for sale. ALL IN EXCELLENT CONDITION AND WILLING TO NEGOTIATE ON PRICES. Email my w ... more (1591) views
   Taiwanese Flag
Taiwanese Flag for saleThis cloth Taiwanese flag was made in Taiwan for my father, a Marine, in the ... more (469) views
5% Discount Code "ARMYACU10" for All ACUArmy.comMilitary Clothing more (736) views
  Full Set NWUs Med Reg
NWUs for saleGreat condition Navy NWUs. Only worn a couple of times. Full set. Have U.S. Navy in gol ... more (88) views
   Navy Enlisted Uniforms needed for Sea Cadets
Need any Enlisted uniforms, male and female, for Sea Cadets. BDU's, dress uniforms, jumpers....summe ... more (2067) views
  AF Officer Mess dress needed
I am going to attend a dining out with my daughter who is in AFROTC at collage and need a AF Officer ... more (96) views
  Male Navy Officer Uniforms
I have Navy officer uniforms for sale. I only wore them at Officer development school. This is perfe ... more (2114) views
  Women's Marine Corps uniforms, including ...
For sale: Several women's Marine Corps uniform items, including maternity, as well as cammies.  ... more (560) views
  Air Force Mess Dress wanted! Small femal ...
USAF Womens Mess Dress Uniform - Wanted  Looking to buy mess dress, if you are anywhere ne ... more (438) views
  Navy Service Uniform (NSU) Pants - New
<DIV><SPAN style=''FONT-SIZE: 14pt''>New Navy Service Uniform (NSU) Pants for sale</S ... more (1509) views
  NEED: Women's USN/USCG Dinner Dress Blue ...
Women's USN/USCG Dinner Dress Blue Jacket - WantedI am looking for the officer women's dinner dress ... more (158) views
   USMC Officer Sword & Accessories
Authentic USMC Officer’s Sword (purchased from The Marine Shop during The Basic School in 1999).&nbs ... more (680) views
   USAF Womens Blues Pants & Skirt - size 10R
Women's USAF Blues Pants & Skirt  USAF Womens Blues Pants I have two pairs of pants an ... more (745) views
  3 like new Navy NWU Trousers
The NWU's I have for sale are 3 pairs of Trousers. Size is med-long for both top and bottom. Measure ... more (564) views
   Masley Cold Weather Flight Gloves - Wanted
New Masley Cold Weather Flight Gloves needed. These are the green gore-tex flight gloves and would p ... more (1424) views
  WANTED: Female Marine Officer Cover
USMC Female Cover - WantedI'm looking for a Marine Corps female company grade officer cover for the ... more (94) views
  Sea Cadet Uniforms For Sale
Sea Cadet Uniforms For Sale: The American Veterans Sea cadet Unit in Lake Worth Florida has an ... more (780) views
  USCG Foul Weather Parka II W/ Liner
USCG Foul Weather Parka II W/ Liner for sale I have a Coast Guard Foul Weather Parka that is in ... more (1471) views
  US Navy Enlisted Uniforms
Hello I have almost all the enlisted uniforms you recieve in RTC for sale.  All USN  unifo ... more (662) views
  Female Navy Officer Uniforms - Wanted
Wanted: US Navy female officer uniforms and NWUs for US Naval Sea Cadet Instructor in Phoenix, ... more (1067) views
  USMC Enlisted Female Dress Blue Uniform ...
USMC Enlisted Female Dress Blue Uniform for sale Two pair of Marine Corps Dress Blue Trousers 1 ... more (677) views
   Need Womens Khaki PW or CNT Pants / Shirt
Looking for Navy women's khaki uniform items in size 14JR, or 14MR, or 38 shirts. Also looking for b ... more (273) views
   Wanted: Uniform Donations for Civil Air ...
The Lt Col Arthur King Composite Squadron of the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol in Modes ... more (5364) views
  Women's USCG Short-Sleeve Dress Shirts (3)
USCG Women's Short-Sleeve Dress Shirts for sale I have three Coast Guard short-sleeve women's d ... more (994) views
   NEEDED: Navy Dinner Dress Uniform- Blue
Looking for Navy Officer Dinner Dress Uniform in blue. Ideally 44R for the jacket and 36 for the pan ... more (321) views
  US Navy Women's Peacoat
US Navy women's peacoat, size 18L. New condition, never worn! Bought for reserve duty and ... more (658) views
   Looking for women 's AF Mess Dress
Enlisted MSgt looking for women's USAF mess dress and/or accompaniments. more (198) views
  ACU Helmet Bag
Army ACU Pilot's Helmet Bag    Army Digital pattern ACU. This Versatile design offers impr ... more (2185) views
   Military Duffle Bag - Large
Military O.D. Green Jumbo Duffle Bag  DUFFLE BAG WEIGHT 2.6LBS HEAVYWEIGHT COTTON CANVASC ... more (1849) views
   USMC officer uniforms
I have all the following items for sale, some only worn once and in excellent condition!.Would be wi ... more (2195) views
USAF Maternity ABU needed. Officer preferred so arms are not faded. Thanks! more (272) views
   Wanted Vintage Coast Guard Dress (Donald ...
Vintage Coast Guard Dress (Donald Duck) Flat Top Hat - Wanted  Vintage 70's Coast Guard dress f ... more (2656) views
   Original, Vintage Vietnam Era Army Patch ...
Original, Vintage Vietnam Era Army Patches, Tapes and Insignias: 4 embroidered 5th Army patches ... more (15081) views
US NAVY SEA CADET UNIFORMS WANTED The Naval Sea Cadet and League Cadet Corps are for Ameri ... more (1699) views
  US Army ACUS, PT uniforms, Boots
I have two Lg pairs of US army ACUS, multiple t-shirts, PT uniform - long pants, jacket long and sho ... more (402) views
  VN Era Army Issue Field Jacket
Vietnam Era issue Field JacketIssued in 1974 to medical department Army Officers attending Officer B ... more (7185) views
   Female Army Dress Blue uniform
Female Army Dress Blue Uniform for saleI have a brand new set of Marlow White produced Army dress bl ... more (676) views
  Navy DDW Jacket needed
I need a USN Dinner Dress White Jacket.  I am a going to a dining out in San Diego in mid April ... more (509) views
   US Navy NWU Parka and liner Medium Regular
<DIV><SPAN style=''FONT-SIZE: 14pt''><STRONG>USN NWU Parka</STRONG></SPAN ... more (1898) views
The LAST RESORT™ Tactical Attaché designed to carry tactical essentials. Padded on all sides, has a ... more (2539) views
  Belleville Vanguard Army Combat Boots - $60
Army Belleville Boots, style Vanguard 790.  Boots have never been worn.  (Purchased brand ... more (1087) views
1 Pair Danner Temperate Gortex Waterproof USMC Boots, Size 7.  These retail for $200.  I a ... more (135) views
   US Army Class A Green Pants - Wanted
US Army Class A Green Pants - Wanted I need a pair of Vietnam Era US Army Class A dress green p ... more (194) views
USN MATERNITY OFFICER UNIFORMS  - Wanted  I'm 5'5 and size 10 MR non-pregnant.  Looki ... more (619) views
   WANTED: USN Womens Boots
USN Womens Boots - Wanted Wanted womens boots. I get out the navy in 5 months so i just need th ... more (1478) views
  Set Marine Officer Uniforms (except Dres ...
Former Marine Maj, transferred to Navy Reserves.Any reasonable offer accepted.Emai/calll to make off ... more (803) views
   USMC Dress Blue Jacket 50L and Cover - Wanted
Mens USMC Dress Blue Jacket needed for funerals that I play taps for.Mine is too small now. Also I n ... more (209) views
   Maternity ACU's - Wanted
Maternity ACU's - Wanted  Looking for Maternity Army ACU's close to a size 12 or 12 Long top an ... more (1182) views
  New Direct-Commissioned female Ensign ne ...
Navy Uniforms WantedHi, brand new Ensign needs ALL uniforms.I'm a civilian size 2.5ft 2 inches in he ... more (294) views
   WTB Army WHITE Service Uniform
Army WHITE Service Uniform - Wanted  I am getting married in late April and am looking to purch ... more (1604) views
   Maternity ABUs - WANTED
USAF Maternity ABUs - Wanted Looking to buy maternity ABUs size 6. The exchange is backordered ... more (369) views
   Navy Officer Uniform White Shirt and Pants
 Men’s Navy Officer Uniform White Shirt and PantsShort-Sleeved White ShirtSize: LargeMaterial: ... more (2723) views
   Woodland USMC Cammies
<span style=''FONT-SIZE: 14pt''>1 Large Long Woodland Trouser. $251 Large Long Woodland Blouse ... more (3382) views
   M17 Medic Bag GI Issue Medic First Aid K ...
Military M17 Combat Medic Kit with First Aid Supplies M17 Medic Bag: Model FA-110. Used by combat t ... more (3545) views
  Steel Toe Army Combat Boots
Tan Army Combat Boots for sale . Hardly worn steel toes more (236) views
  Used ACU jackets
ACU jackets for sale I have 6-7 used ACU Jackets medium regular size. I worked in an office so ... more (259) views
USMC Service uniforms , Service Alpha coat with bet and belt loop three (3) khaki short sleeve shirt ... more (512) views
  Air Force ABU's (3 sets)
I have 3 sets of USAF ABU’s for sale; items include 3 shirts (size 14 R), 3 pants (12 S). Pants ... more (551) views
  USMC Dress Blue Jacket Enlisted size 36s.
USMC Dress Blue Jacket for sale Marine Corps Enlisted Dress blue Jacket with no insignias. Size ... more (576) views
   USN Maternity Uniforms
U.S. Navy Maternity Uniforms Won't be needing these anymore and they are in great condition.&nb ... more (878) views
   Wanted Female Officer Air Force Over Blouse
WANTED TO PURCHASE: Air Force Officers Female Over Blouse in good condition to excellent... Short sl ... more (263) views
   Tons of USMC Utility Uniforms (MARPAT wo ...
USMC MARPAT Utility Uniforms for saleMoving and need to sale my uniforms since I've completed my enl ... more (1737) views
  New USN Belleville Steel Toe Boots
Boots Black enlisted, All weather, steel toe, water proof. Brand new still in box more (251) views
  US Marine Corps Uniforms Wanted
Fellow Marines.We are looking for active, reserve, retiredand former Marines to post theirused USMC ... more (4666) views
  Multiple USN Officer Uniform Items
For sale are multiple USN Officer uniform items, each listed below with sale price.They are like new ... more (218) views
   USMC Dress Blues 42R
The USMC Dress Blue Blouse is a 42R,Trousers are 36.Currently has rank of an E-3. Everything is in g ... more (3401) views
   Looking for Pinks and Greens uniform
I serve in our local honor guard for Memorial day and Veterans day et al. This year I was approached ... more (454) views
   US Navy Officer Dinner (Mess) Dress Blue ...
For sale is a Navy Officer Dinner Dress Blue Jacket (Mess Dress Jacket) for $100. It is like new, an ... more (386) views
   Air Force Uniforms and PT gear for sale!
I have currently separated from the Air Force and have many uniforms to sell. Male Air Force blues, ... more (1953) views
   Navy uniforms wanted for new Sea Cadet unit
Need all types of Navy enlisted uniforms for Sea Cadet Unit -- NWUs, dress blues and dress whit ... more (1259) views
   Used USMC Officer's Mameluke Sword - Wanted
Looking to purchase a used USMC Mameluke Sword. Looking for a 29'' that is not inscribed with anyone ... more (321) views
  New Marlow White ASU Skirt for Sale
ASU Skirt for Sale New, never worn Marlow White ASU skirt size 12MP - $40 OBO. more (152) views
  Air Force Short Sleeve womens blues shir ...
USAF Women's Blue Shirts - WantedI am looking to purchase 2 Short sleeve womens Air Force blues shir ... more (148) views
  ASU Female Officer Medical Shoulder Stra ...
New Army Female Captain (Officer) ASU Medical Shoulder Straps/Boards.Cost $15 + 2 (USPS first class ... more (95) views
  Mens USAF Enlisted Dress Mess
Mens USAF Enlisted Dress Mess for sale Just retired... Wore my mess dress three times... Complete ou ... more (561) views
   New Military Issue Rocky boots
Brand new Rocky boots military issued with tags but no box Size 8.5 R more (1184) views
   USAF ABU Top 44L
USAF ABU Top.  Size: 44L. Should be matched to ABU Trousers that are also available for sale (s ... more (3075) views
   USMC Dress Blues ( Enlisted)
I am in a bind with money and I need to sell these dress blues asap and ill pretty much take any off ... more (1609) views
   USAF women's Mess Dress, All weather coat
I have Air Force Women's Mess dress Jacket size 8 with LT col epilates size 14 skirt, cumber bun and ... more (254) views
  New Enlisted Army Service Uniform for sale
Brand new Army Enlisted ASU PFC Rank. size 16wr pants and 14 jacket more (120) views
   Various Navy Officer Uniforms in Many Sizes
I have access to a multitude of navy officer uniforms, some used and some new.  Many of the ite ... more (4090) views
  Needed: USN Female Combination Cover
Female USN Combination Cover - Wanted I'm looking for a USN Female Combination Cover, any size ... more (798) views
  WANTED: USAF Blues Jacket and Windbreaker
NEEDED ASAP: Size 20 MR USAF Dress Blue Jacket (Officer or Enlisted) doesn't matter.  Also need ... more (810) views
  Wanted----U.S.N. Mens ENS Supply Corps u ...
USN ENS Supply Corps uniforms - Wanted Current Chief recently selected for the Navy Supply ... more (1404) views
   NWUs for sale (Like New)
NWU top & pants small shortNWU top & pants small regularIn excellent like new condition.$35 ... more (843) views
   Children's Navy Working Uniform (NWU) - ...
 Children's Navy Working Uniform (NWU) - Wanted  I'm looking for the new Navy Working Unif ... more (3803) views
   Into the Fire: A Firsthand Account of th ...
Into the Fire: A Firsthand Account of the Most Extraordinary Battle in the Afghan War   In ... more (525) views
  USMC Uniform Items wanted by Fallen Mari ...
I am a sister in law to a fallen marine.Cedric E. Bruns, 22, a Marine Lance Corporal, died in a humv ... more (452) views
  Want to Buy NWU for female Sea Cadet -- ASAP
Want to buy Navy NWU's for my Sea Cadet to attend training this summer. Tall (69") Female, wears S j ... more (787) views
  Army Uniforms Enlisted ASU's
I have Army Uniform ASU's Blues  2 Blue Pants 35L Button Up Shirt Long Sleeve 15 1/2 C Long Sle ... more (1444) views
   Wanted: Female Engineer Officer ASU Blue
Hello,I am looking for a complete Female Engineer Officer ASU, size 10 R or 12 R. I will also need t ... more (172) views
  Navy Uniforms
Have three like new standard issue U.S. Navy Officer Bridgecoats/Overcoats (just below knee length) ... more (187) views
I am a Navy Recruiter in Atlanta. I am looking for NWU's in medium or large. Please let me know what ... more (437) views
   Marine Officer Dress Blue Trouser
Marine Officer Dress Blue Trouser -- The Marine Shop Brand. Size: 34R. $75.00 USD more (1688) views
  Marine Officer White Trousers
Marine Officer White Trousers - The Marine Shop Brand. Size: 34R. $40.00 USD.     ... more (1010) views
  US Army Dress Blue Uniform for Enlisted ...
Army Dress Blue Uniform - Wanted I am looking for US Army Enlisted Personnel dress blue uniform for ... more (544) views
   Air Force uniform - Wanted
Air Force Uniform - Wanted I am a private individual, not seeking a uniform for personal gain.& ... more (911) views
  Bates Women's Military Dress Shoes
Women's dress uniform footwear. Size 8.5. Worn once. Perfect condition. Located in North Suffolk. $2 ... more (266) views
   North Face Backpacks
Shop the Largest Selection of The North Face Backpacks at eBags. Get Free Shipping & Free Return ... more (1128) views
   US Coast Guard Uniforms Wanted!
Attention Coast Guard Personnel -Sell your Coast Guard Uniform to a fellow Coastie and help them sav ... more (2119) views
   Sell Air Force Uniforms Online
<DIV style=''MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt'' class=MsoNormal><STRONG><SPAN style=''FONT-FAMILY: ... more (4603) views
   Wanted Navy CPO Service Dress Jacket
 Navy CPO Service Dress Jacket - Wanted  Want to Buy/Need Navy CPO Service Dress Jacket 48 ... more (1130) views
   Wanted 1950s-1960's Era USAF Wool Overcoat
Wanted: "Vietnam War Era" USAF Air Force Wool Overcoat. Blue, Double breasted with Silver Eagle & ... more (3676) views
   5.11 Tactical TDU Belt, 1.5'' Plastic Buckle
5.11 Tactical-TDU Belt, 1.5" Plastic Buckle-59552CT2X 1-1/2" non-metallic buckle (Airport friendly) ... more (1625) views
   Army Officer's Guide by Keith E. Bonn
Army Officer's Guide. This is the definitive guide to what the Army expects from its officers in lea ... more (1335) views
  Stonewall Jackson: The Man, the Soldier, ...
Stonewall Jackson: The Man, the Soldier, the Legend  More books about Stonewall Jackson more (1131) views
   Ortiz, to Live a Man's Life
Ortiz, to Live a Man's Life BY LAURA HOMAN LACEY, EDITED BY DR. JOHN W. BRUNNER, PHD.  Laura L ... more (493) views
LEADERSHIP AND TRAINING FOR THE FIGHT. Pursues an honest and frank discussion of leadership and trai ... more (2639) views
  No Excuse Leadership: Lessons from the U ...
No Excuse Leadership: Lessons from the U.S. Army's Elite Rangers. Every organization needs good lead ... more (1736) views
  Patton on Leadership by Ph.D., Alan Axelrod
Patton on Leadership by Ph.D., Alan Axelrod. This short, direct work includes a compilation of quote ... more (1624) views
   USMC Military SealLine MAC Sack Waterpro ...
USMC Military SealLine MAC Sack Waterproof Dry Bag Like the larger ILBE Sack, the MAC Sack is a ... more (1036) views
   Hardigg Foot Locker
Hardigg Foot Locker Hardigg Industries TL500i Storm Personal Trunk Locker Case  Developed, ... more (1125) views

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